Paul William Walker

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Paul William Walker was born in September 12, 1973 (and died in car crash accident November 30, 2013); The accident happened in Santa Clarita, just north of Los Angeles(walker was riding in a Porsche GT when the driver somehow lost control and slammed into a post or a tree and then the car burst into flames. Both passengers were killed instantaneously
); Walker had attended a charity event to raise money for relief efforts in the Philippines. walker was an American actor. He became famous in 1999 after his role in the hit film Varsity Blues, and with his role as Brian O\’Conner in The Fast and the Furious film series; the film series had generated more than two billion dollars.his filmography was rich:

-1986- title (Monster in the Closet) role (Professor\’ Bennett) .
-1987- title(Programmed to Kill) role(Jason) .
-1994- title(Tammy and the T-Rex) role(Michael) .
-1998- title(Meet the Deedles) role(Phil Deedle) .
-1998- title(Pleasantville) role(Skip Martin ).
-1999- title(Varsity Blues ) role(Lance Harbor ).
-1999- title(She\’s All That) role(Dean Sampson ).
-1999- title(Brokedown Palace) role(Jason) .
-2000- title(The Skulls) role(Caleb Mandrake ).
-2001- title(The Fast and the Furious)role (Brian O\’Conner) .
-2001- title(Joy Ride) role(Lewis Thomas) .
-2002- title(Life Makes Sense If You\’re Famous) role(Mikey).
-2003- title(Turbo-Charged Prelude) role(Brian O\’Conner).
-2003- title(2 Fast 2 Furious Brian ) role(O\’Conner).
-2003- title(Timeline) role(Chris Johnston ).
-2004- title(Noel)role Mike (Riley) .
-2005- title(Into the Blue) role(Jared Cole).
-2006- title(Eight Below) role(Jerry Shepard) .
-2006- title(Running Scared )role(Joey Gazelle ).
-2006- title(Flags of Our Fathers)role (Hank Hansen).
-2007- title(Stories USA)role (Mikey).
-2007- title(The Death and Life of Bobby Z)role (Tim Kearney).
-2008- title(The Lazarus Project)role (Ben Garvey).
-2009- title(Fast & Furious )role(Brian O\’Conner ).
-2010- title(Takers)role (John Rahway).
-2011- title(Fast Five)role (Brian O\’Conner).
-2013- title(Vehicle 19)role (Michael Woods)
-2013- title(Fast & Furious 6)role (Brian O\’Conner).
-2013- title(Pawn Shop Chronicle)role (Raw Dog ).
-2013- title(Hours) role (Nolan). To be released posthumously.
-2014- title(Brick Mansion) role(Damien) .Post-production, to be released posthumously.
-2014- title( Fast & Furious 7)role (Brian O\’Conner) .Filming, had not finished all scenes at time of death.

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