Moroccan cereal crops

Morocco in 2014 the production of cereal crops will reach about 7 million tons (due to acceptable rainfall ),which is the same amount planned by Moroccan government in its estimated budget ,this news is good for Moroccan government ,as it relies heavily on precipitation to jump-start Moroccan economy .
As for the agriculture ,it is accounting for 15% of Moroccan GDP ,just to give you a picture in 1995 which was a drought year the quantity of cereal crops was 1.8 million tons ,bringing about a negative economic growth or close to zero ;but in 1996 the cereal crops production had reached 9.6 million tons leading to 9% of economic growth .
Morocco farms 5 million hectares for cereal crops ,about 70% of useful farming land ,to reach good production morocco needs to increase the utilization of high quality seeds ,rationalize the water used for irrigation as 30% of manpower is working in agriculture and farming exports makes up 25% of Moroccan exports .
Moroccan government will stay for long seeing the heaven and praying for high downpour.

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