Large multinationals do not like paying taxes

June 2, 2015 HASSAN No comments exist

The major multinationals do not pay taxes despite their huge profits, thanks to the many subterfuges and financial schemes, these financial behemoths weighing several tens of billions of dollars, they follow the rule, richer you are less you pay, they win profits in a country where their headquarters are not domiciled,for example Google was imposed at 8% of its profits abroad , as for Apple this rate reaches 3%, not to mention Facebook and Microsoft and others.
The solution is to create a tax on advertising revenue of these corporations, in addition a tax on their web platforms that will be evaluated according to their users, so the tax rate will be fixed according to number of visitors coming from different countries a year, but also taxes will be imposed according to the data stream, photos, videos …etc.
But unfortunately these measures will not be effective immediately because it is necessary to accelerate the process, which is not an easy task given the bureaucracy that requires this kind of regulations, not to mention the financial acrobatics prepared by these large multinationals to avoid paying more taxes, and continue to amass fortunes while CEOs of these multinationals are speaking shamelessly about poverty and global solidarity.

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