ISIS democracy and hypocrisy

There is now a coalition led by usa against ISIS ,this coalition encloses many countries from western regimes to Arab regimes ,the paradox of this situation is, ISIS( ISIL) was steadfastly supported by this coalition at the beginning of the Syrian revolution ,supported by money ,weapons and most dangerously by religious fatwa ,the most sinister among them is a fatwa calling the terrorists to rape and sell women of the enemy .
But soon afterwards the tentacles of ISIS monster had reached countries of western coalition, by beheading journalists ,humanitarians and reporters ,by the way most of the butchers are coming from western countries and they are western citizens .
Now western like Arab regimes want to get out of the quagmire they have created ,the realized the degree of their mistake and recklessness ,when they have seen the ISIS tentacles reaching them ; but at the beginning of the civil war ISIS didn’t bother them ,when ISIS killed innocent civilians , because this coalition wanted to get rid of Syrian regime ,the first supporter of Palestinians and Lebanese resistance alongside with Iran.
Now ISIS is controlling huge territory in Iraq and Syria ,even aerial bombardments seem unable to deter these terrorists from attacking and taking lands.
But what about “western ISIS” coming from western democracy integrating Israeli army and engaging in butchery spree against Palestinians during the three recent wars against Gaza ;who or which country in west is able to try them for perpetrating horrid crimes against humanity ,very likely that doesn’t concern western democracy either ,until this ISIS of Israel boomerangs on western interests ,then we will see legal action against these criminals ,for they have killed western citizens or they are planning to kill them .
This flagrant western hypocrisy will be the engine which will generate other conflicts throughout the world ,by the way Ukrainian conflict is a raw example and others will come sooner or later ,with their endless migraine ,unless western democracy make up their mind ,these conflicts will get bigger and worse

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