India joins USA Russia and Europe on Mars

June 5, 2015 HASSAN No comments exist

Despite economic crisis India had achieved a scientific feat by putting in orbit a satellite around Mars the red planet ,by the way India has become the first nation to send a satellite into orbit around Mars on its first attempt, it is the first Asian nation to do so .
The satellite Mangalyaan had entered the orbit of the red planet but the message didn’t reach the planet earth instantaneously , because the message needed to traverse the 400m miles (650m km) to Earth ,that means message needed 12 minutes to cross 650 million km .
Mangalyaan, which means “Mars craft” in Hindi, took off from the island of Shriharikota, the India’s eastern coast about 11 months ago; The (3,000lb) 1,350kg device first headed for an elliptical orbit around Earth before heading towards Mars.
India now joins an elite club of nations who have successfully carried out interplanetary space missions, and has scored a significant point in its rivalry with China ,and very likely India will be joined by other countries like brazil Iran …..etc; this Success makes India the fourth space power after the US, Europe and Russia to orbit or land on the red planet. The cost of the Indian effort is a tenth of Mars Nasa mission .
The United States had its first successful Mars mission in 1964 using the spacecraft Mariner 4, returning 21 images of the surface of the planet. The former Soviet Union reached the planet in 1971, and the European Space Agency in 2003.
Tens of millions of people across the country followed the progress of the craft with their prayers and the prayers of temple priests ,the Scientists needed urgently such prayers as There was a significant chance of failure ,more than half of 51 previous attempts to reach Mars had failed in the past .
Nasa’s (Maven) mission aims to help scientists understand what happened to the water on Mars and the carbon dioxide in its atmosphere several billion years ago. How Mars lost its atmosphere is one of science’s biggest mysteries.
The Indian mission aims to study the surface and mineral composition of Mars, and scan its atmosphere for methane, a chemical strongly tied to life on Earth.
Moneywise Some Indians have questioned the $70m (£43m) price tag for a country that is still dealing with widespread hunger and poverty. But India defended the Mars mission ,for India that will lead gradually to establish India as a bigger player in the £200bn space technology market, even as USA ,Europe ,Russia and China give stiff competition with their long experience and bigger launchers.

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