Government mismanagement is going on despite of new constitution in morocco

July 3, 2015 HASSAN No comments exist

Whole Moroccan administrations and departments dispose of 110 000 cars used by those working in administration in their administrative job every day ;The number of these cars (100 000) is higher than the cars used in many developed countries like USA, Japan, Great Britain , the cost of daily utilization of these cars ranges from 4000DH (§400) to 1250DH(§125) ,this sum is giving by Moroccan government to those working in its departments every month added to their monthly salary .
But unfortunately these cars are not used in administration missions only but also for personal use ,do not be stunned if you find these cars prowling the Moroccan streets during Saturday and Sunday two days off in administration ,these cars are used for personal shopping ,vacation, ride through Moroccan streets ;These cars are very expensive compared to Moroccan living standards ,one car could reach between 200 000DH and 1 000 000DH .
Moroccan religious Islamic government had promised those who have participated in the elections good management ,less corruption, fair justice ….etc but what’s happening on the ground is the opposite .

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