Google could be fragmented in Europe

June 2, 2015 HASSAN No comments exist

Google is the biggest search engine in the world, there is no one in the planet who does not know this huge high-tech company!! ,but in Europe Google is in the hot seat due to monopoly according to Europe ,because Google is controlling now 90% of internet research in Europe ,and European parliament wants to change that .
Some congressmen in USA said the threat to impose restrictions in Google is politically motivated ,as for the European parliament ,it is wondering on whether to break this company ,Europeans said they do not have any problems with Google ,at the opposite Google it changes the life of many Europeans for better ,but in Europe we do not have the same legislation like USA ,in USA Google has a dominant position in the market ,but that does not hinder Yahoo for example with it search engine Bing to have about 20% of American market of search engine ;in Europe there is no search engine able to compete with Google .
European commission come up with many rules to deal with the monopoly imposed by Google ,but congressmen in USA want this process not to be politicized ,because according to Americans Europe is intervening not to protect fair competition ,but to help European companies to be able to take their share of the market even if they do not deserve it ,and even though European do not have a product strong enough to vie with American companies ,but Europeans retaliate by saying Google gives itself preferential treatment and that it is not good for the consumers ,competition and job creation in Europe ,Europe intervention has nothing to do with politicizing the affair .
Europeans ask European commission to do something to save European companies and job, as for Google , its representatives are saying our services are free services ,and Europeans could visit other sites if they want ; during the last four years Google has come up with four sets of remedies to ease European fair about monopoly ,but after tests made by European commission it has been noticed that Google monopoly is not only still here but getting bigger .
Now European commission has two possibilities ,the first one is to ask Google to present its four sets of remedies to eliminate monopoly ,or Google must pay heavy fines with the risk of been unbundled ,these two possibilities are in the table of European commission which can be used in case .

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