Flooding in morocco

June 5, 2015 HASSAN No comments exist

Morocco lately had witnessed heavy precipitation especially in southern morocco (Goulimime ,Ouarzazate….etc ),this heavy rainfall has caused flooding in many Moroccan cities ,these floodings had uncovered the lack of solid infrastructures in rural region or their inexistence ,many bridges had collapsed ,villages flooded ,cattle washed away like a straw ,the death toll so far is 36 dead.
Morocco is in dilemma in one hand it needs urgently downpours to have an economic growth of more than 5% ,and in the other hand morocco is afraid of bad consequences of this precipitation on infrastructures and human life .
When we see statistics of economic growth of morocco since independence ,morocco had never achieved a growth up to 3% without heavy rainfall ,during drought the growth of the economy is less than 3% ,if it is not minus 1% or 2% ,agriculture account for 16% of Moroccan GDP ,and about 50% of manpower is working in farming sector ,from that you can see the importance of farming in Moroccan economy ,both in growth and unemployment.
Morocco since 1960’s had adopted the policy of building many dams of different size throughout morocco ,this policy had saved morocco from many social unrest ,and made morocco among rare country in Africa with good dam infrastructure ,which are used both for irrigation and the production of green energy (hydraulic energy);you can witness even during the drought year that morocco is exporting vegetables and fruits to Europe , Russia and beyond .
But I think what is lacking in morocco especially when we speak about agriculture and economy ….etc is scientific research ,this sector is orphan in Moroccan policy and budget ,in 2012 the share of GDP dedicated to scientific research was less than 1% ,more precisely 0.8% ,with this weak rate it is difficult to benefit from heavy precipitation , resist drought or guarantee a sustainable economic growth for decades to come .

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