Femen in Rabat

June 10, 2015 HASSAN No comments exist

Two members of Femen has exhibited their naked body kissing each others in Rabat, the administrative capital of morocco ,the sacrilege was great because this move took place in the esplanade of Hassann mosque ,this mosque could have been the biggest mosque in the world if its building had been finished in the eleventh centuries ,even bigger than Mecca in this period .
These two Femen members come from France ,they went to morocco to express their solidarity with Moroccan women suffering from injustice as a wife or simply as a woman ;these two Femen women had been expelled from morocco by Moroccan judiciary ,
Femen expressed its solidarity with women in morocco, which is not something bad or despicable, but the method used (naked women bodies)is not intelligent either in morocco or abroad ,that simply reduce women to a simple body(piece of meat) instead of being a human being with principles and ideas ,and that really doesn’t serve the cause of women throughout the world!!!! .

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