Exodus prohibited and permitted in Morocco

Morocco has banned and allowed American movie Exodus, the reasons for the ban according to Moroccan authorities, the film distorts historical facts ,shows the characters that should not be shown, this film shows God that’s a large forbidden subject in the Muslim world.
But during Ramadan , almost three years ago a Lebanese TV channel Almanar ,with Iranian religious channel has broadcast religious series showing the Jewish prophet Joseph to viewers in the Arab world, nobody in the Arab world has protested against this, but the Iranian series has had a great success in the Arab world, and I do not think a Jewish citizen in Israel protested against the Iranian series.
Prohibiting the film Exodus shows a regression of the Moroccan authorities which paradoxically have given their prior agreement through the CCM ‘ Moroccan Cinematographic Centre’, but the political and religious authorities have a different opinion confirming censorship for security reasons ,alleging terrorist pretexts relating to Daish ISIS ,and the fact that the film distorts historical facts, but most troubling in all this ,is that ,god was represented by some American movies but these movies have not been banned in Morocco, double standards!!!!.
But eventually the Exodus movie is now allowed in Moroccan cinemas after the CCM had agreed with the film makers to cut scenes that show God speaking to Moise. This ban will instead play for the movie by making it more attractive than before and more popular, that’s the benefits of thoughtless and hasty censorship.

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