June 5, 2015 HASSAN No comments exist

Twenty eight European members had agreed to launch an investment funds that could generate 300 billion Euros , jump-start dull European economy and ignite job market by mobilizing public and private funds ;there are about 2000 projects wanting to benefits from EU investments ,but EU will handpick projects deserving EU money carefully .
Belgium for example wants to get rid of old nuclear power stations and power station functioning with fossil energy ,Belgium wants to invest in green and sustainable energy ,Belgium wants to take part in the construction of European power network .
European countries want to increase the internet connectivity by installing WIFI in public area of one hundred cities throughout Europe, Many projects are presented to European committee among them an online health platform allowing patients to be monitored online via internet; all these European projects rely heavily on private investments looking for quick profits.
The European also had agreed on type of help that must be given to Ukraine to face dire financial straight in which this country got bogged down and unite their strategy against Russia.

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