Emmanuel macro the new president

June 16, 2017 HASSAN

Last May 7, we saw the election of the new French president Emmanuel Macro  beating Mary Le Pen by 66% against 33%, this election saw  almost the death of the socialist party, and the emergence of two political current ‘unsubmissive France’ (la france insoumise )And the ‘republic on march'(la republique en march ) of the novice in politics Emmanuel Macro, and the disappearance of the right-wing notion, and the breakthrough of the Mary’s party national front (le front national ) which captures popular anger.

-Emmanuel macro the youngest French president ,he is 39 years old.

-the first time that the national front of Le Pen reached the figure of 11 million votes during the presidential  election.

– the agony of the Socialist party because its candidate Hamont obtained 6% of the votes.

– the breakthrough of the ‘unsubmissive France’ of Jean Luc Mélenchon obtaining 20% ​​of the votes.

-the first time  that the Socialist Party and the Republicans did not see one of their candidates in the second round.

– the fictitious jobs were fatal for the  candidate of the Republicans François Fillon ,but Jack Chirac was elected twice in spite of the accusations of the fictitious jobs in the administration!! .



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