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If you do not know The virus of Ebola ,this virus is named after the Ebola River in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), where one of the first recorded outbreaks happened in 1976.
Ebola is causing a hemorrhagic fever that kills up to 90% of those infected. It spreads in the blood and cripples the immune system, causing high fever, headache and muscle pain, often accompanied by bleeding.

Despite many rumors spread in the press , The Ebola outbreak in coastal West Africa is still contained to Guinea and Liberia, the World Health Organization announced that Tuesday,
But many Cases have been reported in Sierra Leone, Mali and Ghana, as for the WHO none has been confirmed. But deep investigations are needed to clear up the situation.
So far The number of suspected cases in Guinea has grown to 157, with 101 deaths. Sixty-seven have been confirmed as Ebola. In Liberia, 21 cases have been reported, including 10 deaths. Five of the cases have been confirmed as Ebola.
The U.N. agency is trying to track people who had encountered the victims and make sure they are not contaminated in order to stop the spread and expansion of the virus .

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