Ebola hovers over football Africa cup 2015 in Morocco

June 2, 2015 HASSAN No comments exist

Morocco have decided recently not to host football Africa cup due in 15 January 2015 ,hoping it will be adjourned beyond June 2015 ,this decision is due as you know to Ebola virus ,which have killed in west Africa (Liberia, Sierra Leone , Guinea)more than 4000 people and contaminated more than that number in Africa and beyond .
Many African countries have decided not to substitute for morocco to host this great football event ,Algeria and south Africa had refused categorically ,as for Ghana and Nigeria many specialists think their decision will not be different from Algeria and south Africa ,because the risk to have an outbreak of Ebola after the Africa cup is more likely if this football event is organized as planned in 15 January in morocco or another country ,as the vaccine to deal with such virus is lacking or in making .
If you do not know The virus of Ebola, this virus is named after the Ebola River in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), where one of the first recorded outbreaks happened in 1976.
Ebola is causing a hemorrhagic fever that kills up to 90% of those infected. It spreads in the blood and cripples the immune system, causing high fever, headache and muscle pain, often accompanied by bleeding.
The most troubling in this affair is this virus was wandering in Africa for four decades and no country in Africa have devised an adequate vaccine during this long period ,that means the scientific research in Africa is very weak or inexistent ;for such disease you need about ten years to devise and find a healing vaccine ,that means a vaccine against Ebola should have been elaborated by African scientific laboratories at the end of 1980’s ,without waiting until now to see western pharmaceutical companies or others to find a vaccine for African viruses .

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