Ebola hinders morocco from hosting football Africa cup 2015

June 2, 2015 HASSAN No comments exist

AFC(African football confederation )CAF (confederation africain de football) had decided 11 November 2014 to withdraw the organization of African football cup 2015 from morocco ,due to categorical refusal of morocco to host this great African football event in the fixed date between 17 January to 7 February 2015.
Morocco had refused to host Africa cup in this date chosen by CAF, morocco had chosen another date either June 2015 ,or January 2016,due to the risk of Ebola contamination which claimed many innocent lives, about 5000 people killed ,and 13 000 contaminated especially in western Africa (Liberia, Sierra Leone ,Guinea ).
Morocco is afraid of losing the flux of tourists coming from Europe ,in case of one Ebola case manifested in the country during this African sport event ,since tourism in morocco accounts for 8% of Moroccan GDP , it generates 6 billion Euros a year ,and 500 000 jobs especially in Marrakesh ,Agadir ,Casablanca ,fez …..etc .
Footballwise morocco had won Africa football cup once in 1976 hosted by Ethiopia, and hosted this football event in 1988 won by Cameron.
Sanctionwise ,morocco will not take part in 2015 Africa cup ,and very likely will not take part in 2017 2019 Africa cup ,besides heavy fines which Moroccan football federation must pay for its steadfast refusal to host this event in the date fixed by CAF.

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