Copper against viruses fungi bacteria at hospitals

July 3, 2015 HASSAN No comments exist

A group of Chilean researchers had developed a way to protect hospitals and their patients from viruses ,bacteria and fungi ,they have used The antibacterial property of copper to make a fabric which could be used in many tools used daily at hospital ,this fabric made of copper Could make the hospital cleaner and safer for both patients and staff.
When bacteria for example come in contact with tools made of a fabric containing copper ,this copper penetrates their cell walls ,it changes the metabolic processes in the bacteria and kill them ,The fabric containing copper is developed by chili company Cooper and Demo ,it can be used to made many tools used in the hospital ,the goal is to limit infections being passed between patients and staff ,to minimize the danger of bacteria ,fungi and viruses which come in contact with hospital tools reducing by the way infections and their deadly consequences .
The company which developed that product says it can remove 90% of viruses bacteria and fungi which come in contact with tools made of fabric containing copper.

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