May 22, 2015 HASSAN 246 comments

Morocco is boiling now ,everyone expect a miracle during the final ,this is not just about Raja, or any city in particular, this is about Morocco as a whole,” said Raja midfielder Kouko Guehi;all Moroccans support le Raja even all the Morroccan club presidents;not to mention Africa and the Arab world ,Raja became only the second African club to reach the final by beating a stunning 3-1 win against Brazil’s Atletico Mineiro,the first club was Mazembe (Democratic Republic of the Congo) ,another news about le Raja ,the budget of Raja is about £7.9m , compared to the £408m of Bayern.
tha Raja in the Moroccan league is sitting only at the mid-table ,after losing many matches precisely three matches in 11 matches ,Raja have fired Mouhamed Fakhir and brought the tunisian new coach Faouzi Benzarti ,he has made an instant impact on the style of Raja .
The Germans were given byes until the semi-final stage,as tha Raja had played so far three matches on one week ,unbelievable in morocco ,on the paper Bayern will win by the highest of the score may be five to zero ,as Bayern are unbeaten in the Bundesliga since October last year;but Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has warned the club to be on their guard;”Everyone expected Atletico Mineiro to make the final. No-one, not even here in Morocco, thought Casablanca would make it,” he said. “It’s a surprise to everyone, us included.
here in Morocco either Raja wins or not it is already a victory to reach the final ,the whole country is joyful ,even if the Raja lose the final.

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