Terrorism killed two Scandinavians at Imlil in Morocco

-The terrorism struck Morocco again after 1994 ,may 2003 and Argana coffee shop in Marrakesh at 2011;last week (17/12/1018)another terrorist attack against civilians had been carried out by four criminals with cold blood  at Imlil city (Alhouz region)close to Marrakesh . -after this terrorist operation the police arrested about 20 suspects ,4 among them directly […]

religious pillars (Al-Jamidia Al-Madkhalia)of  Arab regimes

-Al-Jamidia Al-Madkhalia appeared recently in the last century  ,is seen as the most unrelenting supporter of dictatorial Arab regimes. -this religious current in the Arab world  supporting the Arab regimes are the only responsible like Arab tyrannies for the political decadence in this region until now.  -this branch of religious  ideology is against any form […]

a Stalinist verdict for the protesters of Al-Hoceima

-the court verdict against the protesters of Al-Hoceima was cruel. -This verdict has sentenced the free protesters of Al-Hoceima to several years in prison. -The leading figures have obtained 20 years in prison  each ,as ‘Nasser Azefzafi’ . -by this verdict the Moroccan judicial system demonstrates that it is light years away from a state […]

the boycott campaign in Morocco is a real success

-the social networks created a boycott movement against three products, a dairy product (centralelaitière ), a mineral water product (sid ali ) and a service station (afriquia), a campaign that has succeeded in an extraordinary way. – purchasing power of Moroccans is very low, while the prices are the prices of developed countries, which have […]