Blatter is bowing out

At 78 years old ,Blatter has finally decided to go out from FIFA ,after spending about 17 years as the head of FIFA ,smelling out with corruption the premises of FIFA like many members of this football organization ,now the FIFA is in the telescopic sight of FBI ,and many members of FIFA are in the hot seat and very likely some of them will spend the rest of their life in the prison .
The most burning question now is ,who will replace Blatter ? could he be an European , an American(USA) or form other continents like Africa ,Asia ,south America ;many hope the next FIFA president will not be from Europe or south America ,but from united states of America ,Asia or Africa ,the profile of the next president will not come out overnight ,but we must wait until December of this year or march of the next year to see the face of the next president of FIFA .
As for the organization of the two next world cup in Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022, some say no body is able to touch the world cup that will be hosted by Russia ,as for Qatar some voices rise asking for repetition of the competition to host the world cup 2022 , but only the future will clear up this question .

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