Bitcoin characteristics

November 6, 2017 HASSAN 7 comments

-Bitcoin is independent of any central bank in the world .

-Bitcoin  is sure, and cannot be falsified ,

-Bitcoin   allows to buy on the internet.

– People wanting  to get rid of the central bank , because this state bank  is causing several  financial crises ,some people see the Bitcoin as their lifeline .

– as for the Bitcoin  Japan recognizes it as a currency.

-But Putin Russian president , says this Bitcoin can’t be traced ,therefore  it is risky to use it  .

-Bitcoin  ,Its current value is 5000 dollars starting with some cents years ago.

-A man wanting to create a currency in 2008 in the United States of America  was captured by the American authorities ,and jailed just for that .

-by the way ,If there is no confidence in the dollars, the dollar will collapse surely ,the currency is just the question of confidence ,the currency is an invention  not a wealth.

7 Comments on “Bitcoin characteristics

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