A new financial bubble in the United States !!!!!

June 5, 2015 HASSAN 17 comments

The debt of American students is around $ 1,000 billion, this can be a new financial bubble that can explode at any time in the future, most US students borrow money to begin their studies at the university, and repayment made after getting degree at the university, but given the difficult economic situation that the United States had witnessed during the past five years, students once with their dgrees in their pockets ,they find difficulty to find stable, well-paid job quickly in united states, so their debts are growing over time with interests, some students may even retire without fully pay their debts, they are about 155,000 ex-students in this situation,they must repay $ 18 billion in the US state since in the united states it is the state that supports the granting of loans to students so that united states has the majority of student debt.
but this debt is easily recoverable, as this debt will not be canceled if you are bankrupt, since the US state may seize your wages and take you to court, not to mention a third of student debt is not in the hand of American state, that means the American state had sold about 30% of students debt to private companies and investors, and if the graduate does not pay, the bubble could explode at any time,
to avoid this kind of problems the US administration wants students to spend two years in’community college’ during this first two years courses are short,but also free of charge, in order to remove this financial burden over the shoulders of American students once for all ,but in return students must work some hours a week in the establishment of ‘community college’.
As for the reforms concerning reimbursement the repayment will be based on what students earn, and reimbursement shall not exceed 10% of the salary of the students once in the job market , but these are generally small steps, which will not be able to solve the problem of students at the university ,therefore the university in the United States is becoming more expensive dizzy and costly.

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