Morocco buys weapons from France

    Morocco is the sixth buyer of weapons from France after India, Brazil UEA, and USA, but ahead of Great Britain ,Malaysia ,Singapore and Russia, Morocco is the third in the Arab world to buy weaponry from France (the first one is Saudi Arabia during last decade the amount of orders from France had reached about 10 billion dollars) and the first in Africa.
    Morocco placed an order with France to buy in 2013 1.8 billion Euros of weaponry ,ranging from light weapons ,high-tech gadgets ,heavy weapons ,chemical matters used to manufacture explosives …….etc ;morocco is ranked twelfth in the world and second in Africa when it comes to buying weaponry in the world market.


    Facial recognition in USA

    FBI and federal agencies are gathering millions of facial photos ,these photos will be inserted in nationwide facial recognition data base, thousands of research or more than that will be conducted about these photos in daily bases by FBI and federal agencies , this data base could have both facial photos of criminals and no criminals shared by many American security departments ;this could generate much outrage from public opinion ;this battle could reach the court because of public privacy .
    There are many problems brought up by the resolution of these facial photos which could lead to many mismatches ,errors and inaccuracies.
    The goal is to make this practice completely legal and acceptable decade from now, USA authorities had promised not to misuse this data base and tamper with it????.


    Russia retaliations

    Europe and USA had increased the level of sanctions on Russia due to Ukraine conflict and Russia meddling in its neighbor affairs ,this set of sanctions is meant for some Russian rich men , politicians and Russia economy .
    But Russia government had blasted such move from west ,warning about the return to cold war era ,in which sanctions had been imposed on USSR (union of soviet socialist republics) and its allies in Europe .
    Russia had also warned western democracies of stiff retaliations with regard to oil and gas price ,as for German chancellor Merkel ,she is no longer able to trust her friend Potin ,the honey moon between both is over for ever !!.


    The Bloody Middle East

    In Gaza, more than 70 Palestinians have been killed and many others injured in raids ,last night there were about 306 Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian emergency services. This is the worst attack since the Gaza operation "Pillar of Defense" conducted in 2012 in the Palestinian enclave.
    The Israeli army launched its air offensive against Gaza in the night of Monday to Tuesday called "protective Border" operation, in response to volleys of rockets. According to the Israeli army, more than 130 rockets were fired Tuesday on southern Israel - 23 were intercepted by the missile defense (iron dome) while aviation has targeted 150 sites in Gaza. The goal is to hit Hamas and reduce the number of rockets fired into Israel, but until now without success.
    Middle east is boiling after civil war in Syria and ISIS terrorist attacks in Iraq now we have Israeli aggression against Palestinian people with guilty silence of western democracies


    Brazil in turmoil

    Earthquake of 7.2 in brazil
    No team in that famous semi final has ever suffered in the way brazil did during a brutal first half in which Germany scored five times in 19 minutes ;by the way Brazil had not lost a competitive match at home since 1975 , It was a dream dying .

    Brazil 1 - 7 Germany
    Argentina(pen 4) 0 - 0 Netherlands(pen 3)

    France 0 - 1 Germany
    Brazil 2 - 1 Colombia
    Belgium 0 - 1 Argentina
    Netherlands(pen 4) 0 - 0 Costa Rica(pen 3)

    Knockout stage
    Brazil (pen 3) 1 -1 Chile(pen 2)
    Netherlands 2 - 1 Mexico
    Colombia 2 - 0 Uruguay
    Costa Rica (pen 3) 1 - 1 Greece (pen 0)
    France 2 -0 Nigeria
    Argentina(a.e.t) 1 -0 Switzerland
    Germany (a.e.t) 2 -1 Algeria
    Belgium (a.e.t) 2 -1 United States


    Moroccan women in bad shape

    After ten years of the enforcement of moudaouanat al ousra (late women status )Morocco had registered last year(2013) about 35000 marriage of minors especially in rural region( 12 % of all marriage ) ,compared to 18000 marriage of minors in 2004(7% of all marriage ) ,as for polygamy it did not go beyond 1% .
    Unfortunately most of these marriage are accepted by judiciary as legal marriage even when they involve minors especially minors girls (or minors boys sometimes ),67% of minors marriage concern 17 years old boys and girls ,about 30% of 14 years old teenagers .
    Many Moroccan women’s NGO had blamed Moroccan government for being complaisant, and not doing anything to stop these bad habits especially in rural regions and mountains.


    Russian china gas deal

    After 20 years of negotiation Russia and china reached an agreement of thirty years ,costing 400 billion dollars , Russia has an estimated 3 trillion cubic metres in natural gas reserves in its gasfields, enough to last for 50 years.
    Commenting on the historic gas deal with China, Putin said Russia has abundant gas resources to supply not only China, but also the all Russian provinces, confirming that both routes - eastern and western - through the Power of Siberia and Altai pipelines will be developed.
    Lately Gazprom signed its biggest deal in history, a $400 billion 30-year contract with CNPC of china under which the company will supply 38 billion cubic meters of gas to China per year. This big contact will ease the pressure on Russia after western sanctions on Russia due to Ukrainian crisis ,but this deal will come into force in 2018 ,china will receive its supply of natural gas by 2018 .
    In 2013, China consumed about 170 billion cubic meters of natural gas and it will be more than that quantity after 7 years ,to alleviate the hunger of growing china economy ,it is expected that china will consume about 420 billion cubic meters per year by 2020.


    The biggest industrial catastrophe in turkey

    About 300 miners had been killed in coal mine , 360 miners has been saved and 80 are unfortunately unaccounted for ,the hope to find more survivors is up in smoke ,no one in the Turkish government believe in the chance to find more miners alive ,because most of them are stuck in gallery 200 meters deep ,unfortunately the rarefaction of air caused by fire will not leave them the slightest chance .
    Turkey has unfortunately witnessed such mine catastrophe in the past especially in 1992 when an accident in a mine claimed the life of 200 miners.
    The upcoming presidential election would be difficult to win by the Islamic party ,it is by the way the first presidential election in turkey since the birth of secular turkey in 1924 .


    Turkey government backtracks

    After banning YouTube and twitter from turkey during the electoral campaign, the Islamic government backs down and allows YouTube and twitter to be used in this Muslim country, the local election has proved the aura of Islamic party did not wane due to bribery scandals brought by twitter and YouTube , but the opposite happened the Islamic politicians had increased their score compared to previous local elections .
    This local election had increased the appétit of religious party to win upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections, although rival parties had questioned the victory of religious party in two big cities like Ankara and Istanbul.


    the flight MH370

    After covering a very wide area - from central Asia to the southern Indian Ocean , The search is now widening to find the remains of the flight and especially flight recorder ; Malaysian officials say they are requesting assistance from a number of countries along the two possible routes the Malaysian plane that disappeared over two weeks ago .
    Investigators are focusing on trying to obtain the radar data from any of the countries that flight MH370 may have passed over; They are also asking countries to provide assistance in the search for the plane, including satellite data and analysis, ground-search capabilities, and maritime and air assets.

    Some tips about this flight :
    -the communications systems of flight had been deliberately disabled according to the authorities .
    -The Kuala Lumpur-Beijing flight is believed to have then changed course.
    - The police are reportedly looking at the family life and psychological state of the plane's pilot, Zaharie Shah, and co-pilot.
    - Officers spoke to relatives of the pilot and experts are examining the pilot's flight simulator.
    - Mr Zaharie had Fifty-three years old - with 18,000 hours of flying experience
    - police are investigating the crew and passengers, but also the engineers who may have had contact with the aircraft before take-off.
    - Those who know Mr Zaharie insist he is a normal family man.