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    NSA stains Edward Snowden

    a senator seeking clarification on the spying issue has sent bluntly worded letter to The National Security Agency but NSA denies any involvement in such allegations ,by the way NSA does not say clearly it does not spy on American politicians especially members of two big parties (republican and democratic parties ).
    Not to mention the NSA is spying and collecting records on all Americans; but also on foreign people and politicians like German chancellor Markel and Brazilian president according to Documents disclosed by former NSA contactor Edward Snowden .
    The question is whether American politicians will be able to rein in the towering ambitions of NSA to spy on anyone even if he is not a threat to US security ;by imposing clear-cut rules to be respected and obeyed even by NSA .


    Edward Snowden accable NSA

    un sénateur cherchant des éclaircissements sur la question de l'espionnage a envoyé une lettre claire à l'Agence nationale de sécurité, mais la NSA nie toute implication dans ces allégations, NSA ne dit pas clairement qu'elle n'espionne pas ​​les politiciens américains en particulier les membres de deux grands partis (républicains et démocratiques).
    tout le monde sait que la NSA espionne et collecte des informations sur tous les Américains, mais aussi sur les gens et les politiciens qui ne sont pas de nationalité américaine comme par exemple la chancelière allemand Markel et la présidente brésilienne Selon les documents divulgués par l'ancien informaticien de NSA Edward Snowden.
    La question est de savoir si les politiciens américains pourront freiner les ambitions insatiables de la NSA à espionner n'importe qui, même s'il n'est pas une menace pour la sécurité des États-Unis; en imposant des règles claires à respecter et obéir même par la NSA.


    Recep Tayyip Erdogan

    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is backing out ,saying he favors retrials for hundreds of military officers as some of the evidence against them was faulty,despite that they have been jailed for allegedly plotting a coup against the government.
    This reversal from Erdogan has come at a time when his party and family members belonging to politicians of this party ‘Justice and Development’ have been embroiled in a many corruption scandals.
    Erdogan denied any form of involvement in corruption scandal ,claiming the probe is a plot to undermine his government ahead of the local elections in March, adding the economic growth will be in jeopardy if this plot against his government persists .


    Recep Tayyip Erdogan (en français)

    Le Premier ministre turc Recep Tayyip Erdogan a fait machine arrière , en disant qu'il favorise un nouveau procès pour des centaines d'officiers,étant donné que la preuve contre eux d'être derrière le coup d'état était sans fondement , malgré qu'ils ont été emprisonnés pour avoir prétendument fomenté un coup d'État contre le gouvernement.
    Ce revirement de la part M. Erdogan est venu à un moment où son parti et membres de la famille appartenant à des hommes politiques de ce parti «Justice et Développement» ont été impliqués aux nombreux scandales de corruption.
    Erdogan a nié toute forme d'implication dans le scandale de corruption, affirmant ces poursuites est un complot visant à saper son gouvernement avant les élections locales de Mars, ajoutant la croissance économique sera compromise si ce complot contre son gouvernement persiste.


    Falloujah (en français)

    Falloujah est maintenant dans la main des milices d'al-Qaida ; gouvernement irakien a confirmé ces nouvelles lugubres, le gouvernement irakien n'est plus en mesure de contrôler la ville, le gouvernement a perdu le contrôle de la ville une fois pour toute. Rappelez-vous quand États-Unis avaient envahi l'Irak en 2003, Fallujah était dans la main d'al-Qaida pendant plusieurs mois, l'armée américaine a utilisé ensuite des méthodes lourdes et de l'artillerie pour se débarrasser des milices extrémistes dans la ville. les Membres d'Al-Qaïda contrôlent désormais la moitié de la Syrie, et le but ultime est d'atteindre le pouvoir et renverser le régime d'Assad et le remplacer par un régime extrémiste religieux, et répandre leur idéologie de haine à travers le Moyen-Orient et au-delà. Le problème ici est les pays qui soutiennent l'extrémisme en Syrie, ils ne le veulent pas dans leurs pays respectifs, mais les tentacules de l'extrémisme les atteindront et les dévoreront tôt ou tard.



    Fallujah is now in the hand of al-Qaida militia; Iraqi government have borne out this dismal news ,Iraqi government is no longer able to control the city ,the government have lost the control of the city once for all .
    Remember when USA had invaded Iraq in 2003, Fallujah was in the hand of al-Qaida for many months ;US army have used then heavy methods and artillery to get rid of extremist militias in the city .
    Al-Qaida members are now controlling half of Syria, and the ultimate goal is to reach the power and topple Assad regime and replace it with religious extremist regime, and spread their ideology of hatred throughout Middle East and beyond.
    The problem here is the country which supports extremism in Syria, they don’t want it in their respective countries, but the tentacles of extremism will reach and devour them sooner or later.


    Turkey border

    After spending about two years supporting rebellion in Syria by turning a blind eye on arms smuggling through its border ,Turkey today is opening its eyes largely at its border ,because it could not be far away from Syria contamination ,Syria civil war had caused 130 000 dead and many wounded and crippled people ,not to mention the catastrophic state in which Syria economy is lurking .
    Turkish security forces have seized a large shipment of weapons on the Syrian border; three people were arrested ; They claimed that they were carrying aid on behalf of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation ,it is a Turkish NGO, however, by the way this Turkish NGO has rejected categorically these allegations .
    Many Turkish people hope turkey government spend most of its energy and time dealing with Turkish problems instead of wasting its time stirring civil war in Syria which could boomerang on Turkey sooner or later .


    Vladimir Putin in Volgograd

    After two grim and dismal days in Russia; shaken by two terrorist attacks with death toll of 34 people killed and 72 injured. Russian president Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that the explosions represented inhumane attacks and warned that Moscow would fiercely and consistently continue the fight against terrorists until their complete annihilation.
    The Russia president and his government have a lot of job to do before the winter Olympics games ;unless they want many countries to boycott this great sport event.
    Russia now had deployed about 5200 police forces to Volgograd to check traffic and inspect public transport to avoid the two blasts on Sunday and Monday.


    Olympic Games in Sochi are under threats

    Many questions are raised about Sochi Olympics security ;and the capacity of Russia federation to keep athletes secure and safe during the winter Olympic Games in the city of Sochi ;two terrorists attacks in two days with many dead people ; the first one it was The explosion hitting a trolleybus near a busy market during the morning rush hour ;the second one was a blast a day after at Volgograd’s main train station killing 17 people and wounded at least 35.
    After these two surprising terrorists attacks ;Russian police have detained dozens of people in sweeps through the southern city of Volgograd ;it is an attempt to show what Russia is able of before six weeks of the winter Olympic Games in the city of Sochi ;


    Volgograd under the shadow of terrorism

    Russia on Sunday had waken on deadly explosion in Volgograd ; the death toll was 14 dead people caused by this suicide bombing on a trolleybus ;after this terrorist attack Security has been tightened at railway stations and airports across Russia; as the new year is nearing and terrorist groups are eager to use the new year to show up .
    Some political analysts say ,the involvement of Russia in the civil war in Syria will backfire on Russia sooner or later , to mention Russia will host winter Olympic Games in the city of Sochi soon ;for terrorists it is a golden occasion to make their cause known .
    Moscow now fell it is highly concerned and many militant groups could go on the rampage in the run-up to the 2014 winter Olympic Games.