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    The bank of America is under heavy fine

    The bank of America will pay a huge fine reaching about 12 billion Euros ,about 5 billion Euros will go to home buyers who had found difficulties to pay their mortgages ,it is the largest consumer compensation by one large financial institution , the bank of America had admitted concealing key fact about billions of dollars related to risky mortgages sold to buyers in the run-up to financial crisis in 2008 ,this settlement is not covering the criminal charges against the bank ,by the way no high level bank executives had been prosecuted or jailed for this financial turmoil caused to clients so far .


    USA economy is bouncing back

    After a chill and paralyzing winter in USA and its bad repercussion on economic growth which was a poor minus 1.7%; but in the second quarter the economic growth had reached about 4% ,jobless rate is now 6% ,it was 6.1% .
    between February and June every month the job market absorbs 200 000 employees ,the score could be 230 000 on July ;this good picture is due to growing consumption spending ,exports and companies investments .


    Spain out of turmoil???

    Spain is finally seeing the end of the tunnel according to IMF, due to drastic measures taken since 2008; although the unemployment rate is 25% ,the debt is accounting for 100% of GDP and the salary is very low compared to industrial countries .
    But the deficit is curbed, the consumption is increasing and the international demand is growing , and very likely the low salary will help companies to compete very well.
    On the downside some analysts say Europe especially Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal need more than a decade to get completely out of financial mess.


    Google new futuristic tablet

    Google, which recently overtook Apple in terms of value, leads a contrasting market strategy with futuristic devices in the hope that will create applications that will help the devices appeal to consumers.
    Google is working on a new tablet boasting the technology to capture 3D imagery, hoping that will be the new high-tech gadget adored by the consumer throughout the world .
    The search engine is to begin producing about 4,000 prototypes of the tablet, which is also being developed by Project Tango, in June.
    The smartphone version has a regular camera, a motion-sensing one, and integrated depth sensors mounted between the two.
    The tablet could be unveiled ahead of Google I/O 2014, scheduled to take place on June 25 and June 26.


    Total sees red

    Total made a profit last year of $ 8.4 billion, a decrease of 20% compared to 2012,exon mobile saw its profit tumbled 10%, while the benefit of BP fell 20%.
    This decrease is due to increased investment in oil exploitation from 100 billion dollars to $ 400 billion, lower price of oil barrel, in addition to decrease in refining margins.


    Total voit rouge

    Total a réalisé l’année dernière un bénéfice de 8.4 milliards de dollars, une baisse de 20% comparé à l’année 2012, exon mobile a vu son bénéfice dégringolé de 10%, alors que le bénéfice de BP a reculé de 20% .
    Ces baisse sont dues à l’augmentation des investissements en exploitation de 100 milliards de dollars à 400milliards de dollars, à la baisse de prix de baril de pétrole, en plus de diminution de marge de raffinage.


    Renault in Tangiers

    Renault company had manufactured in 2013 more than 100 000 cars in its factory of Tangiers ,the production was 50 000 cars year ago in 2012 ,about 90% of these cars are exported to France ,Germany ,Egypt …etc .
    The goal for Renault car manufacturer in the future is to reach 400 000 cars a year, now more than 5 000 workers work in its factory in Tangiers.


    Renault à Tanger

    La Société de Renault avait fabriqué en 2013 plus de 100 000 voitures dans son usine de Tanger, la production était 50 000 voitures en l'année 2012, environ 90% de ces voitures sont exportées vers la France, l'Allemagne, l'Egypte ... etc.
    L'objectif pour le constructeur automobile Renault dans l'avenir et de fabriquer 400 000 voitures par an, maintenant plus de 5 000 ouvriers travaillent dans son usine de Tanger.


    Boeing vs. Airbus

    Boeing will sell approximately 13,000 aircrafts in Asia over the next 20 years, the cost of this operation can be up to 1,000 billion dollars , its rival Airbus aims to sell more than 10,000 aircrafts over the next 20 years in Asia.
    Traffic will double in the next two decades to reach 6 billion passengers, 70% of the fleet will consist of aircraft less than 400 passengers per flight, the privileged field of low-cost airlines.


    Boeing vs. Airbus

    Boeing va vendre environ 13 000 avions en Asie pendant les 20 prochaines années, le coût de cette opération peut s’élever à 1 000 milliards de dollars, son rival Airbus aspire de vendre plus de 10 000 avions pour les 20 prochaines années en Asie.
    Le trafic va doubler dans les deux décennies, pour arriver à 6 milliards de passagers ,70% de parc aérien sera composer d’avions de moins de 400 passagers par avion ,c’est le terrain privilégié de compagnies low-cost.